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April 12, 2024
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Creative Counseling

Bob[i] came for counseling due to an anger problem. He would readily admit that, and was seeing how it was harming his interpersonal relationships.But before I get into that, I want to cover a couple of preliminary issues with you. First, I want to present a view of the Internet for you to consider. Second, I want to talk about different learning styles or the differing ways people learn[ii].You mention the Internet and all kinds of reactions arise. Some view it as bad because it provides ready access to sinful material (and it does). Others view it as a helpful resource because it contains a vast array of helpful material (and it does). We know God created everything and there is nothing new under the sun[iii], and so it is with the Internet. It can be used for good or for evil – the Internet itself is neutral. How a person uses it depends upon their heart. Those desiring to please God with their life may use it as a resource, if they exercise discernment. Those desiring to please self will find plenty of ways to do that also. My intent here is to describe one way the Internet may be helpful in counseling, with proper and careful guidance.Researchers who study how people learn have identified three ways that people learn: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic or Tactile. We understand that not everyone learns in the same manner. For this reason, we need to vary our ways of presenting material that matches an individual’s learning style. In addition, there may be learning disabilities that cause us to change our method of teaching.This brings us to Bob. In addition to Bod’s anger problem, he indicates that he does not read well and does not retain what he reads. I typically rely on Bible reading and topical Bible-based books as resources, which require reading. That was not going to work in this case. In the past I had discovered that there is a large amount of Bible resources on the Internet – Bibles, Sermons, Topical Studies, Christian music and so forth. I set out to find sermons and other related materials related to the topic of anger. I was able to find the following 19 helpful resources that could be useful.This turned out to be a workable solution in this case. I asked Bob to watch two videos a week and to summarize what he learned from them. He made good progress in seeing the sin in his sinful anger, and he worked on changing his ways to be more Christlike.Here are the resources that I identified. There are many more out there that could be used. I would encourage you to do a 100% preview of any material you might choose to use. The quality of the material is quite varied, and we certainly do not want to mislead our counselees.Lessons on Anger from the Internet:

  1. What the Bible Says About Anger (by Jamey Bridges at Life Church Omaha on 9-9-2013)
  2. Wisdom from the Bible – The Real Cure for Anger! (at FighterPilotDreamz on 8-23-2012
  3. Teen Talk Anger Management 1 (by ynwilynwi on 7-30-2009)
  4. How to manage anger – Anger management tips (by Integration Training on 1-27-2012)
  5. Anger – Bible Promises Spoken (by hearing God on 6-20-2009)
  6. From Anger to Meekness – Overcome It! (by WOP-TV on 12-23-2014)
  7. Wellcase - Anger Management (by watchwellcast on 2-18-2014)
  8. How to Deal with Anger - Help with Anger Management (by Noah Elkreif on 5-25-2014)
  9. BC+D-31 – Lesson 11 – Anger and Bitterness (by Calvary Baptist Church on 4-27-2015)
  10. Biblical View of Anger Management – pt 1 (by christtherockboston on 5-3-2010)
  11. Biblical View of Anger Management – pt 3 (by christherockboston on 5-3-2010)
  12. How to handle anger the Christian way (by Duitri Bilgere on 10-4-2013)
  13. Anger – Bible Promises Spoken (by hearingGod on 6-20-2009)
  14. What Jesus Taught about Anger, Hatred, and Lust (by Harvest: Greg Laurie on 9-14-14)
  15. What does the Bible say about overcoming Anger issues? (by PRCHelp on 5-27-2014)
  16. Charles Stanley - Victory Over Anger (by Charles Stanley on 8-15-2017)
  17. Anger and Forgiveness Dr Charles Stanley (by Charles Stanley on 1-23-2015)
  18. The Christian’s Guide to Anger Management (by Columbus Cody on 5-20-2015)
  19. Handling Anger in a Christian Way | Real Life One to One (Dr. George Scipione on 4-17-2014)

[i] An actual guest situation, but the name has been changed.[ii]How to Accommodate Different Learning Styles, accessed 12/5/2017.[iii]Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NASB) ¶ That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun.

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